HK Army XV Paintball Barrel Kit - Autococker Threads


Lightweight, versatile and delivering outstanding accuracy in a sleek, attractive look, the HK Army XV paintball barrel kit is an outstanding upgrade for any Autococker-threaded paintball gun! A multi-piece all-aluminum paintball gun barrel kit with plenty of porting and able to be sized to best match any paintball in any weather condition for accuracy and consistency, the HK Army XV barrel kit features a 9 inch barrel back and a 6 inch ported barrel tip to create a 15 inch barrel ideal for any style of play! Fits any Autococker-threaded paintball gun like the Eclipse CS2 Pro, the Eclipse LV1.6, the Eclipse GTek 170R, the Eclipse EMek, Dye paintball guns or the Field 1 Force!
  • Lightweight, attractive paintball gun barrel kit
  • Compatible with any Autococker-threaded paintball gun
  • 9 inch barrel backs in .689, .685 and .681 to fit any paintball!
  • Ported 6 inch barrel tip
  • Creates 15 inch barrel when assembled
  • Hard zippered protective case
  • Ported to reduce noise
  • Precision-honed for the utmost accuracy
  • Specifications
  • Construction: Anodized aluminum
  • Threads: Autococker
  • Barrel Back Length: 9 inches
  • Barrel Tip Length: 6 inches
  • Total Barrel Length: 15 inches when assembled
  • Bore Sizes Included: .689 .685 .681
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