Field One Acculock Paintball Barrel Kit


The culmination of years of paintball evolution, the Field One Acculock barrel kit brings engineering technology to paintball barrel systems and the result is unparalleled accuracy! Delivered with 6 control bore inserts that self-align and lock into place within the barrel back and ported barrel front to ensure repeatable accuracy shot after shot, game after game, the Field One Acculock barrel assembles to create an attractive, slimline 14 inch barrel optimized for any brand of paintball, any weather condition and any type of game. The Acculock paintball gun barrel is available in Autococker threads to fit almost every popular mid-to-high level paintball gun on the field and is constructed from lightweight yet durable anodized aluminum!

  • Lightweight, versatile adjustable barel kit
  • 6 Control Bores from .695 to .675 to fit any paintball
  • Patented locking system ensures control bores never move
  • Ported Barrel Front to reduce sound
  • Combine to create 14 inch total barrel length
  • Durable yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Delivered in rigid, zippered case to protect components
  • Fits any Autococker-threaded paintball gun
  • Specifications
  • Caliber: .68 caliber paintballs
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Thread: Autococker
  • Control Bore Length: 6.75 inches
  • Total Assembled Barrel Length: 14 inches
  • Control Bore Sizes: .675, .679, .683, .687, .691, .695
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