HK Army LAZR Barrel Kit - Autococker Threads



The HK Army LAZR Barrel kit combines a unique look with high-tech paintball performance to deliver a lightweight, versatile paintball barrel ideal for any serious player! A multi-piece barrel kit featuring precision honed inserts for the ultimate ball-on-ball accuracy to make cross-field shots, sneak a ball through a gap in a bunker or punish an opponent who hangs their hopper or elbow out for too long, the HK Army LAZR barrel is ported to reduce sound, assembles to a 15 inch total length, and is packaged with 8 bore inserts to perfectly match any paintball in any condition! Accuracy is everything in serious paintball - so get serious about your paintball gun barrel with the HK Army LAZR kit!

  • High-tech multi-piece paintball barrel kit!
  • 15 inch total barrel length when assembled
  • Ported for quiet shooting
  • Made from durable but lightweight aluminum
  • Precision honed backs for the ultimate ball-on-ball accuracy!
  • Includes 8 barrel sizers to fit .678 .680 .682 .684 .686 .688 .690 .692 paintballs
  • Paintball sizer included
  • Packaged in hard-shelled HK EXO case for safe transport/storage
  • Autococker threaded to fit all Autocockers, Eclipse CS2, Eclipse GTek170R, Eclipse EMek, Eclipse LV1.6, Eclipse Geo4, Field 1 Force, DYE brand paintball guns etc
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