Tiberius First Strike T15 Paintball Barrel


Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your tactical paintball gun loadout with the First Strike T15 barrel! Manufactured from durable aluminum to fit any T15 paintball gun, the T15 barrel is available in various lengths from compact to extended allowing a player to tailor their barrel to their style of play or mission loadout and is co-designed and crafted by legendary paintball brand Lapco! This smoothbore paintball gun barrel will instantly improve accuracy with both .68 caliber paintballs and First Strike projectiles, making any tactical loadout an even more devastating weapon on the paintball battlefield!
  • Precision-made aluminum T15 paintball gun barrel
  • Co-designed and made by LAPCO
  • Available in various lengths for any loadout or player preference
  • Improves accuracy
  • Specifications
  • Bore Diameter: V263399 (11.5-in) - .686 / V263436 (6-in) - .687 / V263086 (8.5-in) - .683
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