Tiberius First Strike T9.1 Carbine Rifled Paintball Barrel



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Upgrade the Tiberius 9.1 paintball gun with the ultimate barrel for devastating accuracy and range! Already an outstanding paintball pistol carbine, upgrading to a rifled 14 inch barrel will allow the shooter to dramatically increase range and accuracy with First Strike projectiles! Constructed from rugged aluminum and internally rifled to realize the potential of the fin-stabilized First Strike paintball round, the Tiberius T9.1 rifled paintball barrel will instantly deliver improved accuracy and range when used with First Strikes to allow any T9.1 shooter to influence the outcome of any paintball battle!
  • Aluminum, precision-made T9.1 carbine paintball gun barrel
  • Rifled for increased accuracy
  • Designed for use with First Strike projectiles
  • Significantly improves accuracy and range
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