Exalt 68, 70, and 72 Paintball Tank Cover



Protect your paintball air bottle with an affordable, lightweight tank cover from Exalt! The Exalt paintball tank cover is designed to snugly fit and protect 68, 70 and 72 cubic inch paintball high pressure air tanks and defend their delicate finishes from scratches, scrapes and chips while players dive, slide and crawl their way through a paintball game! The Exalt paintball tank cover also provides a slip-resistant stock for shouldering a paintball gun with the tank installed, improving handling and accuracy! 

  • The unique design & material of the Exalt Tank Cover allows the one size to be used on multiple size fiber tanks
  • Featuring a non-stain material that provides superior grip
  • Minimalistic low profile & low weight design
  • Multiple surface finish design & added thickness at the bottom protects your tank while looking fresh
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