GXG G-30 Paintball Chest Protector


Nobody’s favorite part of the game of paintball is getting hit with a paintball – we get it. So when it’s time to gear up, hit the field and make that heroic move to complete the mission and hang the flag, do it with confidence and wear a combination paintball chest protector and load bearing harness from GXG! This reversible piece of paintball protective equipment is designed to both protect the wearer from incoming paintballs to the chest and back, but also help that player carry their spare paintballs with removable pouches for pods! A great combination of paintball protection and paintball load bearing technology at a great price, the GXG G-30 paintball chest protector is a great option for players looking to play safe, have fun and haul their gear!
  • Padded, protective paintball load-bearing vest
  • Reversible with black and woodland or black and digital camo
  • Zipper front closure
  • Front and back pouch pockets to carry paintball pods
  • Affordable and durable paintball protection and loadbearing gear!
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