The ultimate protection from incoming paintballs has arrived! For field staff and paintball referees who have no choice but to work in the hot zone, with paintballs buzzing all around, for paintball photographers and videographers who want to be in the thick of the action, for zombie or Halloween shoots or anyone who simply wants to take the sting out of the paintballs coming in, the Valken Paintball Overshield protector is the ultimate paintball chest protector! Designed from rugged and durable closed cell foam that defends the chest, back, arms, shoulders and more from paintball impacts, the Valken Overshield chest protector straps over clothing but can even be used underneath zombie costumes allowing the hits to keep on coming without welts or sting, keeping everyone on the job! Get in there fearlessly with the Valken Overshield!
  • The ultimate paintball chest protector!
  • Closed-cell foam for the ultimate impact protection
  • Straps over clothing and can be used under zombie costumes
  • Ideal for photography, videography or referees in the "hot zone"
  • Easy to clean
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