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Paintball fields around the world have used the venerable “red radar” for decades to measure paintball gun velocity to keep players safe! Now, the legendary red radar has been updated with the new Custom Chrono red paintball chronograph! This paintball chronograph station is an amazing choice for paintball players looking to fine tune their equipment or ideal for serious paintball field operators dealing with high volumes of players that need to be kept safe! Simple to use – simply place a barrel on the rubber rest and fire: the readout reads a paintball gun’s velocity from 150 to 400 feet per second and even reads rate of fire using advanced dopper radar technology! Powered by a 6volt battery for long life, the new red chronograph station is the best way to keep paintball games safe for each and every player, every time they hit the field!
  • Evolution of the amazing "red radar" chronograph
  • Designed to keep players safe by accurately measuring paintball gun rate of fire and velocity
  • Durable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Protected electronics and protected display
  • Simple 6 volt battery power source with auto power down
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