Virtue Clock III Chronograph



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The ultimate paintball chronograph, the Virtue Clock chronograph is a remarkably versatile and useful tool that has drastically improved how paintball players, referees, field staff and tournament and scenario event operators check velocity, rate of fire and overall performance of a paintball gun! A lightweight yet durable paintball radar chronograph, the Virtue Clock III chrono measures a paintball gun's velocity as well as rate of fire at the pull of a trigger with doppler radar technology and displays that information via a large LCD screen at the rear of the unit, and even offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity! A must-have for any paintball tournament or scenario event producer, paintball field owner, paintball referee or even a serious player who needs to time and tune their paintball gun for optimum performance, the remarkable Virtue Clock chronograph is packed with features!

  • Light, versatile and feature-packed radar chronograph
  • Measures paintball gun velocity, shots per second, averages, etc
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rail accessory mount
  • Allen key holder
  • Game timer
  • LCD screen
  • Specifications
  • Construction: Glass-reinforced nylon
  • Measuring Device: Doppler Radar
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless
  • Parameters: FPS, BPS, averages, Game timer
  • Display: LCD screen
  • Power: AA batteries
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