Dye Attack Pack Pro Paintball Harness



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The ultimate paintball harness from one of paintball’s greatest and most successful brands, carry paintballs onto the battlefield in comfort, confidence and style with the Dye Attack Pack Pro! Used by top professional players for teams like the Ironmen, this Dye harness holds between 4 and 11 pods in an expandable harness for paintball pods that also conforms to the player as pods are pulled and used. Comfortable, adjustable and built to last season after season, the Dye Attack Pack Pro paintball harness is one of the best paintball packs in the game!
  • The ultimate versatile, durable paintball harness from one of paintball's most respected brands!
  • Holds from 4 to 11 paintball pods in an expandable pack system
  • Ventilated and lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Conforms to the player as pods are pulled for a low profile
  • Adjustable belt to fit almost any player
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