Dye DSR+ Paintball Gun


The amazing new Dye DSR+ Paintball gun is here and ready to help you win games and look good doing it! Light, compact, attractive and packed with features, the DSR+ takes the latest high-end tournament paintball gun technology and delivers it in a sleek, accurate and consistent package designed with competition at the highest level as its intended purpose. Simple to maintain and delivering performance capable of competing with anything inside the net, the new Dye DSR+ electronic paintball gun is pro paintball gun technology at its finest!

The new DYE DSR+ is here for the encore. Refined for today’s demands for the newer 
player wanting out-of-the-box pro performance to the diehard tournament player, the 
new and improved DSR+ offers class-leading, unparalleled dominance for an increased 
competitive edge and more fun on the paintball field. Whether it’s simply getting 
together with friends at your local field, or during an overtime point to move onto the 
finals of a championship game, the DSR+ will always perform when it matters the most.
The DSR+ takes everything from the previous championship winning platform and 
applies new and improved precision engineered features and enhancements throughout
the marker for a next level performance. Some of the standouts to the all-star feature 
lineup include the newly designed ARC+ Bolt System with best-in-class efficiency and 
shot-to-shot consistency, new Flex SFR solenoid featuring custom tuning air flow 
control for individual shot signature preferences, new Edge2 Trigger with flat face 
design, new quick-turn battery cover lock knob for a quick and simple tool-less battery 
access, new Leverlock Clamping Feedneck for easy adjusting and new grip clearance 
to accommodate every player’s grip style, along with a new, aggressive body design.
The evolution continues with DYE’s ongoing development and advancement of marker 
technology. The DSR+ is the new and experienced player’s choice for a confidence-
inspiring, lightweight, compact and efficient machine that keeps you out on the field all 
day long, performing against any opponent you encounter. Tough inside and out, the 
new DYE DSR+ returns yet again to outperform and outlast the competition.

*The Dye DSR+ is a product manufactured by Dye Precision. Valken, Inc. does not provide support, service, or repair. Consult user manual for product warranty and service information from the manufacturer. All support and warranty cases must go directly through Dye at DyePaintball.com, via email at Service@DyePrecision.com or by phone at (858) 536-5183.
  • The latest tournament paintball gun from Dye!
  • Standard with 2-piece DYE Barrel
  • ARC+ Bolt System
  • Flex Bolt
  • Quick Release Bolt
  • Flex SFR Solenoid
  • Edge2 Trigger
  • Leverlock Clamping Feedneck
  • Tool-less Battery Access
  • MOS Operating System
  • Control Joystick
  • Increased Grip Clearance
  • Sticky Grips
  • Ultralite 45 Frame
  • Hyper 6 Regulator
  • UL Trucam Airport
  • Gas-Thru
  • Freewire Connector
  • 4th Gen Eye Pipe
  • Specifications
  • Caliber: .68 caliber
  • Action: Electronic Spool Valve w Multiple Firing Modes
  • Propellant Source: Compressed Air/HPA ONLY
  • Barrel Thread: Autococker
  • Construction: Aluminum
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