Dye i4 Pro Paintball Goggles


The Dye i4 goggle is back and better than ever in an updated and improved Dye i4 Pro model, ready for the most demanding paintball players or airsoft shooters who need comfortable, light, tight and fog-free paintball goggles.

Introducing the new i4 Pro Goggle, another step in DYE's long legacy of goggle engineering. A lightweight, small profile goggle system delivering utmost protection, visibility, and now with enhanced precision comfort thanks to DYE's groundbreaking GSR Pro Strap premium feature. The GSR Pro Strap offers the most precise tension control for a secure, comfortable fit. Simply turn the dial to your desired tension and go. The wide head pad strap grips the back of your head and distributes force over a large area, ensuring the best grip and maximum comfort. The i4 Pro's thermal lens leads the industry in optical clarity, providing a distortion and fog free field of vision regardless of weather. The i4 Pro is compatible with the wide range of DYE lenses to match any lighting condition.
  • An update of one of the best goggles in paintball for improved performance from Dye!
  • Light, comfortable and fog-free with a tight profile!
  • Ideal for serious paintball players or competitive airsoft operators!
  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Horizon Peripheral Vision
  • Scream Venting
  • Anatomic Fit & Function
  • Tiger Teeth Strap Retention
  • Compression Formed Ears
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