Eclipse Etha3M Mechanical Paintball Gun


Planet Eclipse ups the ante for mechanical paintball gun performance with the release of the impressive new Eclipse Etha3M paintball gun! This light, simple mechanical paintball gun provides tournament level firepower and is packed with all the features serious paintball players require for a competition-ready mechanical paintball gun, including Gamma Core spool valve accuracy, reliability and consistency found in the best paintball guns in the world, an adjustable metl trigger, a metal clamping feed neck, a two-piece Eclipse stock barrel with Autococker threads, and ultra-low operating pressure able to shoot even the most brittle paintballs! The Eclipse Etha3M also features tool-less bolt removal, making maintenance and cleaning much faster and simpler! Lightweight, accurate, reliable and trustworthy, the new Eclipse Etha 3M paintball gun delivers world-class performance at a price any paintball player can afford!

*The Eclipse Etha3M paintball gun is a product manufactured by Planet Eclipse. Valken, Inc. does not provide support, service or repair. Consult user manual for product warranty and service information from the manufacturer. All support and warranty cases must go directly through Planet Eclipse at or by phone at (401) 247-9061.

*Ships only within the United States
  • An amazing new mechanical Eclipse paintball gun!
  • Low-rise aluminium clamping feed-neck NEW!
  • Quick-release back cap NEW!
  • FL 3-way valve NEW!
  • Lighter trigger return spring NEW!
  • Aluminium single-finger flat trigger with adjustable back stop NEW!
  • Super sleek GRN body and back cap NEW!
  • Tool-less bolt removal NEW!
  • 14.5in 2-piece Shaft 5 barrel - Cocker fast threads NEW!
  • Single-piece frame and foregrip
  • Spool valve operation
  • Gamma Core drivetrain
  • Glass Reinforced Nylon outer composition
  • 135psi operating pressure
  • Soft-touch bolt with 3-stage bolt acceleration
  • Valve chamber shut-off and breech sensing drivetrain
  • Deftek offset feed
  • Integrated SL4 inline regulator
  • External velocity adjustment
  • Tool-less wrap-around rubber grip
  • Hoseless air-transfer system
  • Specifications
  • Caliber: .68 caliber round paintballs
  • Construction: aluminum & glass-reinforced nylon
  • Air Power Source: Compressed air ONLY
  • Action: spool valve mechanical semi-automatic
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