Eclipse PAL QD Feed Neck



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The Eclipse PAL QD Feed Neck is an update and advancement of the outstanding PAL loader system from Planet Eclipse! With the addition of the Eclipse PAL QD Feed Neck, and a PAL QD loader, owners of Eclipse PAL-enabled paintball guns can now install, and then remove their loader from their paintball gun with the flip of a switch! Already an impressive system that allows players with PAL-equipped paintball guns to shoot faster than gravity can feed without the requirement of expensive electronic loaders or batteries, this additional upgrade furthers the system to new levels of reliability and performance!

*compatible with PAL - equipped paintball guns ONLY
*compatible with PAL QD loaders

*Ships only within the United States
  • Securely holds a PAL loader onto an Eclipse PAL - equipped paintball gun
  • Install and remove loader at the flick of a switch!
  • Upgrade to the Eclipse PAL loader system
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  • Compatibility: Eclipse PAL - equipped paintball guns and PAL QD loaders ONLY
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