Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Elbow Pads



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Any serious paintball player knows that incoming paintballs are the least of their worries on the field of play! Serious paintball means throwing the body around the field – sliding, diving, crawling and sprinting to make the spot, make the shot and win. That means wear and tear, so serious protection is needed for serious paintball, and Valken Phantom Agility paintball elbow pads have what it takes! Paintball elbow pads have a serious job to do – they must defend the wearer’s elbow joints and forearms from not only incoming paintballs, but also from the incoming ground as a player slides, dives and crawls from spot to spot on their way up the field often on playing surfaces that are challenging at best, from rocky, sandy soil to hot, unforgiving turft that can burn and even while banging against bunkers, all while allowing the player to move their arms and bend their elbows and wrists without binding. Phantom Agility paintball elbow pads from Valken offer EVA padding with integrated flex points for dexterity, four-way stretch materials for unrestricted movement, breathable stretch mesh for cool comfort when the pads are on all day, elastic upper straps, a suede palm and are even designed to work in seamlessly with Phantom Agility Gloves for the ultimate protective base layer! Get in the paint and throw elbows with confidence with Valken Phantom Agility Elbow Pads!
  • Comfortable and breathable paintball elbow and forearm pads
  • 4 way stretch materials for dexterity and range of motion
  • Designed to work in conjunction with Phantom Agility Gloves
  • Breathable stretch mesh for cool comfort
  • EVA padding with integrated flex points
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