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Reloading in the heat of a paintball game is both a necessity, and an action that has gotten even the best players shot. In a game where every second and every inch counts, the ability to speed up the reloading process to keep a paintball player and his gun in the game is critical to getting the win, and an Exalt Universal Feedgate is a great addition to any player’s equipment! Replacing the lid on numerous loaders, the Universal feedgate drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to reload and the movements involved by eliminating the need to pull open, then snap closed, the loader’s lid. Simply pull a pod, dump the paintballs into the loader and get back to business! Available in plenty of colors and fitting almost any paintball hopper, the Exalt Universal feedgate is a great investment for serious players!
  • Soft flexible feedgate paddles allow paint to enter the loader quickly eliminating the need to open and close a lid.
  • - One direction design keeps paint in your loader when making a hard dive into a key field position.
  • - Stain resistant, durable material makes the Exalt Feedgate a great choice that other brands just can’t match.

  • V3 Changes:
  • Increased Durability - New Plastic Material
  • New Colorways - With Matching Color Logos
  • Improved Fit - On Tippmann Low Profile Loaders
  • Lower Profile Lip - Easier to Load Tall Loaders

  • Fits:
  • - Halo B/Too
  • - Reloader B/B2
  • - Magna
  • - BT Loaders
  • - A5 Loaders
  • - Pinokio
  • - Revolution
  • - Overdrive
  • - Fasta
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