Netting - 12' x 300' Hem & Grommets



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Keeping paintball players safe while watching paintball games is a critical part of any paintball field or playing park operation, and paintball netting is how it’s done! Woven to allow wind and weather to pass through but to stop paintballs in mid-air, allowing spectators to observe paintball games without goggles or face protection, paintball field netting has become a critical piece of equipment for any serious paintball game field operation! 12 feet in height, delivered on a 300 foot roll.
  • Protects eliminated players, spectators, and passers-by from direct paintball hits.
  • A mandatory safety precaution for any paintball field.
  • 12‘ x 300’ section of netting that is hemmed with grommets pre-installed
  • 18" distance between grommets all 4 sides with grommet
  • Double layered edge
  • Triple layers for every grommet anchor
  • Meets and exceeds the ASTM standard F2278
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