Valken Deluxe CO2 Dual Valve Paintball Fill Station


There was a time when paintball ran on CO2. From CO2 cartridges to CO2 bottles, CO2 was everywhere and providing CO2 fills was essential to playing the game. Though the game and industry has changed and high pressure air has revolutionized the game, CO2 is still used by many players and providing safe, easy CO2 fills is an important part of the business of paintball. A Valken CO2 Dual Valve Fill Station enables fast, simple and safe CO2 tank fills from a bulk tank for any experienced paintball technician trained to use it! For paintball pro-shops or paintball fields and playing parks offering CO2 fills, a Valken CO2 fill station is an ideal choice!
  • Deluxe CO2 tank fill staion
  • Dual valve for filling and purging CO2 tanks and fill lines
  • Reliable and durable construction for long service life
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