GOTCHA Reusable Soft Foam .50 Caliber GBalls - 500 Count



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Play Valken GOTCHA Low Impact paintball for kids or target shoot in the back yard without the splatter of paint and mess to clean up with Valken GOTCHA reusable soft foam balls! These reusable, soft foam Gotcha paintballs are ideal for shooting out of Valken GOTCHA low impact shotguns, fly straight and can be gathered up and reused again and again! Have Valken GOTCHA low impact fun without the mess with Valken GOTCHA Reusable foam .50 caliber foam balls!
  • Gotcha foam 50 caliber foam balls are designed to be reusable for Gotcha markers
  • Safe and ideal for low impact play 110 fps or 34 mps
  • Extremely bright yellow PU foam balls accurate to up to 100 feet
  • Each package includes 500 foam balls
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