Valken Phantom Agility Gloves


Any serious paintball player knows that incoming paintballs are the least of their worries on the field of play! Serious paintball means throwing the body around the field – sliding, diving, crawling and sprinting to make the spot, make the shot and win. That means wear and tear, so serious protection is needed for serious paintball, and Valken Phantom Agility paintball gloves have what it takes. Paintball gloves do much more than protect the hands from incoming paintballs – though they better do that – they must protect the wearer while sliding, diving and crawling across terrain that could tear a player’s hands to pieces, from rocky uneven ground to hot, unforgiving turf that can burn and even while banging against bunkers, all while allowing the user to pull the trigger, hold onto their paintball gun and make the shot. Phantom Agility paintball gloves from Valken are ultra lightweight, comfortable, breathable and adjustable at the cuffs and are designed to work in perfect conjunction with Phantom Agility Elbow pads to defend the wearer while the paint is flying!
  • Comfortable and breathable paintball gloves
  • 4 way stretch materials for dexterity
  • Designed to work in conjunction with Phantom Agility arm pads
  • Adjustable wrist closure
  • Breathable stretch mesh for cool comfort
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