Barrel - GoG Freak Original Stainless Boremaster Kit



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The original Freak paintball gun barrel rose to greatness, winning paintball tournaments all the way to the pro level along the way, thanks to its ability to adapt to any size paintballs and shoot them efficiently and accurately with interchangeable bore sizer inserts! Fine tune your original GoG FREAK barrel to fit any paintballs with a Stainless Freak Boremaster kit, a hard case containing 8 stainless steel Freak inserts that can be used to perfectly match paintballs to squeeze every last ounce of accuracy and efficiency from their paintballs! Compatible with any original Freak barrel.
  • The ultimate paintball barrel insert set for accuracy and efficiency
  • Delivered in a rigid case
  • 8x Freak Stainless Steel barrel inserts
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