Virtue Stealth Paintball Goggle Visor



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Whether it's glare from the bright sunlight or water entering your goggles from rainy weather giving you issues on the field, Virtue can help with their Stealth Visor! The Virtue Stealth Visor fits a myriad of goggles from various manufacturers and helps cut glare to improve vision while keeping paint spray and rainwater out! The Virtue Stealth Visor is a must-have paintball goggle visor for any player's gear bag!

  • Keeps the Sun out of Your Eyes
  • Hard, Secure Attachment to stay Firmly Attached
  • Soft, Flexible Visor for the Ultimate in Comfort and Bounce Potential
  • Fits: Virtue VIO Contour/Extend/XS/Ascend, Bunkerkings CMD, Dye I4, Empire E-Flex, V-Force Grill, V-Force Profiler and More
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