HK Army EXO Carbon Fiber Paintball Goggle Case



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Paintball goggles are trusted with protecting your face and eyes while you play the game you love - but what protects your goggles? Soft and flexible with delicate polycarbonate lenses, paintball goggles stuffed into a gear bag are prone to crushing, scrapes and scratches by other, heavier paintball items like paintball air tanks, hoppers and paintball guns! So protect your paintball goggles with an HK Army Exo carbon fiber goggle case! This outstanding goggle case zippers around a pair of paintball goggles and protects them from harm with a soft, absorbent and washable microfiber interior liner that won't scratch a lens. Keep your paintball goggle investment safe with an HK Exo goggle case!

  • Rigid protective paintball goggle case
  • Soft, microfiber interior lining that won't scratch goggle lenses
  • Keep paintball goggles from crushing or warping in a gear bag
  • Washable microfiber liner to remove paint and shell!
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