Push FX Paintball Goggles


New Transparent Color. Clear fade lens. More flexible facemask material.
Experience is everything. The Push FLX Unite goggle combines decades of knowledge from the most influential players in the game and adds an amazing transparent mask color way and more flexible mask. The result is new goggle that refuses to be beat in fit, function, and style. The Push UNITE FLX Unite goggle features total face fit customization with an adjustable nose bridge, soft earpieces, and dual injection molding. An unprecedented 16 ventilation zones maximize airflow to keep you cool, comfortable, and improve communication. The optically correct spherical lens is, larger, stronger, and lighter than ever, with a quick change system that is both easy, effective. Maximize your vision and maximize your experience with this state-of-the-art Push FLX paintball goggle.

  • All the features of the PUSH UNITE paintball goggle with a unique new transparent mask material
  • Available in clear or grey
  • Features clear gradient lens
  • Thermal anti-fog lens
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