GXG Tactical G-26 Paintball Vest



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When it’s time to lock and load and head into the heat of the paintball battlefield, there’s no better value in a tactical loadout than the GXG G-26 Deluxe Tactical Paintball vest! This GXG Tactical Vest packs a serious punch, able to carry practically anything a true tactical paintball operator could ever need onto the field of play, from pods and a 68 cubic inch bottle to a hydration unit, radio and even ten-round paintball tubes! Serious tactical paintball players can load up and hit the field with confidence that they have everything they need to take the fight to the enemy and accomplish any mission with the GXG paintball vest!
  • Removable Washable
  • Contouring Foam
  • Movable Radio Pouch
  • Hydration Unit Sleeve
  • (Bladder not included)
  • 10 rd. Tube Holders
  • Movable 4+2 Vertical Harness
  • Holds up to a 68ci tank
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