GXG Squeegie Marker Accessory


Frustrating as it is, paintballs do occasionally break in a paintball gun’s barrel making accurate shots impossible and ruining a game. While swabs make a great temporary and quick solution on the field for cleaning broken paintballs, there’s simply no better way to clean broken paintballs and shell from a paintball gun barrel than with a pull-through squeegee! Simple and affordable, the GXG Pull Through paintball gun squeegee can be run through a paintball gun barrel once it’s removed from the gun and the o-rings on the end drag all paint and shell residue out, leaving the bore squeaky clean and accuracy restored! Every paintball player should keep a pull through paintball squeegee in their gear bag to keep their paint flying straight!
  • Pull through squeegee cleans broken paint from a paintball gun barrel
  • Simple and affordable solution for cleaning a fouled paintball gun barrel
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