GXG XVSN Single Lens Goggles


Paintball goggles are an advanced piece of paintball safety equipment, designed and thoroughly tested to protect the wearer’s eyes, ears, forehead and face from incoming paintballs so the game of paintball remains safe and fun! That doesn’t mean, however, that a solid pair of trustworthy paintball goggles have to be complex or expensive! GXG X-VSN paintball goggles are a light, reliable and simple fog resistant set of paintball goggles with a hard protective facemask to protect the wearer and let them focus on having fun! GXG paintball goggles are simple to clean and maintain and keep the amount of included parts to a minimum for ease of maintenance and simplicity! Play paintball safe and enjoy the game with trusted, reliable and certified paintball face protection from GXG!
  • Lightweight, affordable paintball eye and face protection!
  • Quick release lens system
  • Low Profile Design
  • Comes standard with visor and strap
  • Fog resistant lens
  • Exceeds ASTM standards
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