Valken Agility Paintball Pod Pack 4+7 - Black



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Carry all the paint you need to win on any paintball field, in any format, in comfort and style with the Valken Agility paintball harness! A 4+7 paintball pack carrying 4, 140 round pods in integrated loops with auto ejector elastic to make reloading fast and easy, along with up to seven additional pods in straps outside, the Valken Agility 4+7 paintball harness is ideal for a utility paintball player who may be asked to push up the field and do damage one game, then hold down a lane and dominate from the corner in the next game. Lightweight with a rugged, adjustable and thick double belt to hold on tight and minimize pack bounce when carrying as many as eleven pods, the Agility 4+7 paintball pack will be ready game after game, event after event no matter where it has to go on the field of play!

*pods not included*
  • Lightweight design, Tactile hypalon tabs
  • Double, adjustable comfort belt system
  • Seven retractable elastic outer pod loops
  • Four integrated auto ejector pod straps
  • Fits waist size 28”- 38”, Extensions available
  • Increased strength pod flap fasteners
  • Zippered pocket hidden securely between the inner and outer belt
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