HK Army Magtek 4+3+4 Paintball Harness



The HK Army Magtek 4+3+4 paintball harness is one of the most advanced paintball harnesses available! Packed with features like magnetic pod straps that are superior to other styles, flexible back padding for comfort even while carrying a full load, an advanced belt system that fits perfectly while reducing bounce and ejectors for the fastest reload possible, the HK Magtek 4+3+4 harness is versatile enough for almost any player from the front to the back line, from the Dorito side to the snake! 

  • An advanced, feature-packed paintball harness
  • Magnetic pod straps superior to other styles
  • Advanced, adjustable belt
  • Back padding with Lumbar support
  • Pod ejectors for the fastest possible reload
  • 4+3+4 configuration to hold up to 11 pods!
  • Specifications
  • Capacity- 4+3+4 (11 pods total)
  • Strap retention- Magnetic
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