HK Army Zero-G 2.0 Paintball Harness - 3+2 pods



The HK Army Zero-G 2.0 paintball harness is one of the most advanced paintball packs in the game! Loaded with high-tech features, the  HK Zero-G 2.0 paintball harness is designed for serious tournament competition where every second counts and reloading has to be as fast and smooth as possible to keep an athlete in the game. This strapless paintball harness will hold practically any paintball pod, and features adjustable tension to ensure the pods stay in the harness while running, sliding, diving and playing the game, but release freely and quickly when the player reaches for one. Durable, lightweight and padded, the HK Zero-G harness offers an adjustable belt with lumbar support to reduce bounce while running and ensure the best possible fit. Serious paintball players looking for the ultimate paintball pack have found it in the HK Army Zero-G 2.0 harness!

*pods not included*

  • High-Tech Strapless paintball harness with advanced features!
  • Adjustable pod holster retention
  • Anatomically correct back support and lumbar padding
  • Advanced belt system to reduce harness bounce
  • Various pod capacities & colors available!
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