Dye Pack Assault 3+4 Pod Paintball Harness



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Carry paintballs onto the battlefield in comfort, confidence and style with the Dye Assault paintball harness! Made by one of the most respected names in serious tournament paintball, the Dye Assault harness for paintball pods holds three pods in integrated loops and can carry up to four additional paintball pods in external elastic straps for a total of seven pods! Comfortable, adjustable and built to last season after season, the Dye Assault 3+4 harness is ready for battle!
  • A versatile, durable paintball harness from one of paintball's great names!
  • Holds 3 pods in quick-release loops
  • Expands to hold 4 additional pods in external elastic loops
  • Comfortable harness with adjustable belt to fit almost any player
  • Specifications
  • Integral Pod loops - 3
  • External Additional Straps - 4
  • Total Pod Capacity - 7
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