Valken Ear Shieldz Reusable Ear Plugs


Protect your sensitive hearing with the convenience of reusable ear plugs from Valken! Valken Ear Shieldz reusable ear plugs are delivered with a case and feature a lanyard between left and right to prevent loss. Simple and safe for use on the job in loud environments or while training at the range, keep your ears safe and your hearing intact with Valken Ear Shieldz ear plugs!
  • Reusable plug-style Ear Protection
  • Lanyarded ear plugs to help prevent loss
  • Storage case included
  • Specifications
  • 25 ANSI N.R.R. Certification
  • ANSI Certification ANSI S3.19
  • AS/NZ Certification S1270:2002
  • CE SNR: 30 DB EN352-2
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