Cytac Adjustable Holster Adapter (Holster/Magazine Pouch)


Versatile and reliable, the Cytac Adjustable Holster Adapter offers quick attachment and detachment, while at the same time providing adjustable height options. It can be used with a variety of Cytac holsters and pouches with tooth gear, giving you the flexibility to mount holsters and pouches at varied heights. Designed for both off- and on-duty situations, this belt clip is the perfect choice for civilian and law enforcement use.
  • Adjustment level design allows holster or magazine pouch change height
  • Mounts between belt paddle and holster/magazine pouch
  • Compatible with any Cytac holster, magazine pouch, handcuff case, or flashlight holster with tooth gear
  • Military-grade polymer construction
  • Raise or lower holster/pouch up to 1 inch
  • Specifications
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Military Grade Polymer
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