Cytac Modular Drop Leg Platform



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The Cytac Modular Drop Leg Platform is a common tactical gear accessory for milsim, law enforcement, and military loadouts. The drop leg harness is comes with a quick detach belt buckle for easy mounting to your duty belt, and two adjustable elastic leg straps for comfort and security. It comes with 3 tooth gear mounting points for a multitude of different configurations, and is compatible with all Cytac R-Defender holsters, double magazine pouches, flashlight holder, and handcuff pouch.

  • Compatible with all tooth gear mounted holsters and pouches
  • 3 mounting points
  • Two elastic leg straps
  • Quick detach belt buckle attachment
  • Specifications
  • Compatibility: All Cytac R-Defender Holsters, Double Magazine Pouches, Flashlight Holders, and Handcuff Pouches with Tooth Gear Mounting Systems
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon, Elastic, Polymer
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