The hardest-working people in paintball do the most thankless job – the paintball referees. Long hours, hot days and that whole getting shot by accident thing. Paintball referees deserve the very best equipment to help identify them and allow them to do their job more easily, like a paintball referee long sleeve jersey! Valken’s longsleeve paintball referee jersey features a distinctive striped look with highlighter yellow and bold print for instant identification, and the long sleeves and breathable mesh construction along with a handy hoodie-style front pocket make the job much easier. Look the part and handle business with a clean, professional look with a Valken paintball referee jersey!
  • Bright but professional paintball referee jersey
  • Highlighter yellow with black stripes and bold type
  • Breathable mesh for air flow on hot days
  • Comfortable collar
  • Front pocket for radio, armbands or other referee tools!
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