HK Army CTX Paintball Knee Pads



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Paintball is a tough game and to win you're going to slide, dive, crawl, kneel and push your body to its limits! Protect your knees on the paintball field with HK Army CTX paintball knee pads! These paintball pads are designed for competition at the highest levels of the game and are designed to ensure range of motion and comfort while protecting the knees. Adjustable and designed for comfort and performance, HK Army CTX knee pads are an outstanding choice for serious paintball protection!

  • A light, comfortable, performance-packed knee pad
  • Dual-layer padding to absorb shock and protect
  • 4-way stretch and design ensures range of motion and mobility
  • Removable adjustable upper and lower straps
  • Upper and lower elastic bands ensure pads stay in place
  • Neoprene knee support
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