Exalt FreeFlex Paintball Knee Pads


Sliding, diving, crawling and kneeling on the paintball field happens so often players don’t even think about it. Or at least, they shouldn’t have to. Kneel on a rock, slide on unpadded turf or crawl over rough terrain and it’ll get more than thought about – it can get painful! Protect sensitive knees while playing physical paintball with a set of Exalt FreeFlex paintball knee pads! These protective paintball knee pads are engineered to stay in place during movement with a pass-through retention band design, while the padding itself is molded and contoured to fit the knee perfectly and bend, stretch and flex while the paint is flying for comfort and performance! Well-made and comfortable, Exalt knee pads are a great choice for paintball knee protection from a proven name in the game!

  • High-tech, durable protective paintball knee pads from Exalt
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Designed to stay in place while moving, bending and kneeling
  • Adjustable retention strap
  • Integrated memory foam knee cup
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