HK Army Universal Epic Speed Feed



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Players are always looking for an edge on the field, and a Speed Feed is a great, affordable way to speed up your game! Rather than flipping a lid open on a loader, that sometimes requires two hands and even taking your eyes off the game, the HK Army Epic Universal Speed Feed replaces a loader or hopper flip lid and allows a player to simply grab a pod, dump their paintballs into their loader and never break stride! Load faster, keep your eyes on the game and win more with an HK Universal Epic speed feed!
  • Fits numerous paintball loaders and hoppers
  • Replaces loader flip-lid
  • Load more quickly without spilling paintballs!
  • Simple and affordable upgrade for HK Pinokio loaders and other models
  • Specifications
  • Fitment- HK Pinokio 250/400 Loader, HK Pinokio Speed loader, HALO series loaders, Tippmann A5/X7 loaders
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