HK Army High Capacity Paintball Pods w/Push Button Lid - 6 Pack



HK Army high capacity pods allow players to carry more paintballs with the same pack, keeping paint in the air longer! These HK Army pods feature a spring-loaded, push-button lid for fast, single-handed reloading to help a player keep their paintball gun up and shooting even while reloading and are some of the most advanced and rugged paintball pods available! Carry more paintballs, shoot faster and WIN MORE with HK Army High Capacity Pods!

  • HK Army High Capacity Pods hold approx 165 .68 caliber paintballs each
  • Carry more paintballs with the same pack
  • Spring - loaded, push-button flip lid for faster, one-handed reloads
  • Advanced, reliable high-capacity paintball pods
  • 6-pack quantity
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