Dye Rotor QuickFeed Paintball Loader Accessory


The Rotor Quick Feed 6.0 system has been reformulated and improved for an extremely durable performance. Stronger materials have been integrated to maximize structure and flexibility without causing pre-mature wear. The new and improved Rotor Quick Feed 6.0 eliminates the need for a traditional flip top lid. Installation is quick and simple as the Quick Feed 6.0 system installs between the top shell and the carrier. Simply unscrew the carrier screws on the underside of the top shell, place the Quick Feed 6.0 in position, and secure it in place by re-installing the carrier back onto the top shell.

  • Reload Quickly & Easily Without Opening a Lid!
  • Reload without Lowering Your Paintball Gun
  • Available in Various Colors
  • More Rugged and Durable than Ever!
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