HKA EXO Carbon Fiber Paintball Loader Case



Protect your high-dollar paintball loader - the thing you count on the feed paintballs into your gun every time you pull the trigger - from drops, dents, dings and scratches while it rides in your gear bag with an HK Army EXO Carbon Fiber loader case! The HK Exo loader case features rigid construction, zipper closure and a soft interior to protect a loader while not in use, and is ideal for holding rain lids, speed feeds, fresh batteries or other small accessories!

  • Hard shell durable exterior to help prevent damage to Loader
  • Gold exterior zipper pockets
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Removable interior zipper pocket that can hold batteries, tool or spare speed feed lid
  • Microfiber lining on the interior which helps absorb any excess paint on the loader
  • HK Army carabiner clip
  • Two Elastic battery loops for carrying spare batteries
  • Fits most loaders (TFX, Speed, Spire, Rotor, BK CTRL)
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