Modern, high-end paintball loaders are a big investment! A tournament paintball loader has to work properly or a game is ruined, and next to paintball guns, paintball goggles and an air tank, it's also a substantial investment! Protect that investment while you're traveling with all that paintball gear stuffed into the gear bag with a Valken Loader Case! Designed to hold most modern tournament paintball loaders and keep them protected, the new Valken Loader Case zips closed and provides rigid defense against scratches, scuffs and crushing that might happen on the way to the event, along with convenient storage for lids, speed feeds and batteries!
  • Rigid protective case for most modern paintball loaders
  • Zip closure
  • Resists crushing & protects the loader from scuffs and scratches
  • Store batteries, rain lids, speed feds, etc
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