Planet Eclipse PAL Hi-Capacity Paintball Loader



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The unique and remarkable Eclipse PAL Loader works with PAL-enabled paintball guns like the Eclipse Etha2 PAL and other Eclipse paintball guns equipped with the PAL system to ensure paintballs feed smoothly and efficiently without the need for batteries or electronics! Lightweight and simple, the Eclipse PAL paintball loader makes playing the game with simple, reliable equipment more fun and effective. 

The PAL paintball loader system from Planet Eclipse utilizes the breech pressure from the PAL Enabled paintball gun to provide direct agitation of the paintballs within the loader. With no external or exposed moving parts, hoses or components, the PAL paintball loader System provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of paintballs into the marker in an ergonomic, streamlined and lightweight package.

The PAL paintball loader system is 100% pneumatically actuated, requiring no batteries, yet it does not waste any air in its operation, meaning efficiency of the marker is unaffected. Constructed with high-end Glass Reinforced Nylon, the PAL Loader is also lightweight, robust and extremely durable. No shaking a jammed gravity fed paintball hopper, no batteries to forget, or to die in the middle of a paintball game! Players can even combine the Eclipse PAL paintball loader with a PAL-equipped EMek paintball gun for a completely battery-free paintball gun and paintball loader system that can still maintain high rates of fire!

*Ships only within the United States
  • For use with Planet Eclipse PAL - Enabled paintball guns ONLY
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