When it’s time to play Valken GOTCHA low impact .50 caliber paintball all day, load up your Valken GOTCHA Shotgun with a 120 round loader and have a blast! This loader for the Valken GOTCHA shotgun is easy to install and holds a whopping 120 .50 caliber GOTCHA low-impact paintballs for an afternoon full of fun without the need to stop between games to reload! The hopper even features an anti-jam component inside to keep the paintballs feeding without jams at the feed neck! Load up the .50 caliber, low impact paintball fun with a 120 round GOTCHA hopper!
  • Large capacity hopper for the Valken GOTCHA Shotgun
  • Holds 120 low-impact .50 caliber Valken GOTCHA paintballs
  • Anti-jam for trouble free feeding and fun!
  • Simple gravity feed design with a flip lid
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