Valken 200 Round Paintball Loader


Simple and affordable, the Valken 200 round loader is built to last and deliver paintballs to a paintball gun using gravity to feed. Simply fill with .68 caliber paintballs, snap the lid securely closed and hit the field! A paintball hopper is an essential component of most paintball gun setups and is capable of feeding five to seven paintballs per second. This loader is designed to function with .68 caliber paintballs and will press-fit into the feed neck of almost any paintball gun like those standard on the Valken Blackhawk or Tippmann 98 Custom series. Available in clear, black, red or blue to accent or match almost any paintball gun setup!
  • Simple, durable 200 round paintball loader
  • Gravity Feed - no batteries motors or electronics to fail
  • Designed for .68 caliber paintballs and paintball guns
  • Available in clear, black, red or blue with a clear lid
  • Specifications
  • 200 Round Gravity-Feed Paintball Hopper
  • Flip Lid
  • Multiple colors available
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