Valken V-MAX Plus+ Paintball Loader



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Tired of shaking your gravity fed paintball loader? Upgrade to a Vmax plus motorized paintball loader. The electronic paintball loader automatically senses paint and feeds at 30 plus balls per second. The Vmax plus loader is powered by two 9 volt batteries by a one touch on off. The motorized loader has a lightweight design and disassembles quickly for easy cleaning. The friction lid lets you quickly reload, and also provides a window to view paintballs left. Easily switch to a speed feed in seconds with no tools needed. The max paintball loader is the perfect fit for all types of paintball markers.
  • Electronic motorized paintball loader
  • Feeds at 30 plus balls per second
  • 220 paintball capacity
  • Fast disassembly for easy cleaning
  • One touch on off with led light
  • Quick change lid
  • Simple battery change
  • Compatible with 68 caliber paintball markers
  • Specifications
  • Battery Powered: Two 9 volt batteries
  • Weight: Less than 1 pound
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