Bunkerkings CTRL Paintball Loader


Lightweight and compact yet fast, gentle on brittle tournament paintballs and extremely well-balanced, the Bunkerkings CTRL loader has become a hit in tournament paintball! Easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance and using proven Virtue Spire III feeding technology to ensure consistent shooting, the Bunkerkings CTRL is powered by 3 AA batteries and holds 200 paintballs. Sleek and attractive, balanced and easy to program, the Bunkerkings CTRL paintball loader is a great choice for serious players who require consistent feeding, a small target and an easily serviced loader.
  • Lightweight, sleek and balanced high-end paintball loader
  • Simple maintenance tool-free disassembly
  • 3x AA battery power
  • 200 round capacity
  • Rugged flip lid
  • Simple programming
  • Specifications
  • Construction: Glass-reinforced nylon
  • Capacity: 200 paintballs
  • Weight: 14.4oz
  • Height: 3.7in
  • Width: 4.1inc
  • Electronic Power: 3x AA Battery
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