VSL Alloy Series Paintball Loader


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Even the best paintball guns need to be fed by a fast, consistent, reliable paintball loader to function at their very best! The Valken VSL, or Valken Switch Loader, packs all the high-tech features and performance serious paintball players demand into an attractive package able to handle the rigors of competitive paintball! The VSL electronic paintball loader isn’t called the Switch for nothing, as features include the ability to switch the caliber the loader feeds from .68 to .50 caliber, switch the loader’s capacity from small and light to high-capacity hammer-down, lane-holding machine, and switch the lid from a speed feed to the rain lid quickly and easily! A simple on/off button allows quick and intuitive operation, the loader can be dismantled for cleaning and maintenance without tools, and the entire system runs on 3 AA batteries! Simple yet advanced, versatile and packed with features, the Valken VSL paintball tournament loader is the ideal choice for any serious player looking to get the best performance from their loader and paintball gun!
  • Advanced, tournament-level electronic paintball loader
  • Adaptable from .68 to .50 caliber
  • Adjustable for capacity for any position on the field
  • Simple one-button on/off
  • Toolless disassembly
  • Powed by 3 AA batteries
  • Multiple color combinations available
  • Specifications
  • Caliber: .68 or .50 caliber electronic loader
  • Power Source: 3x AA Batteries
  • Capacity: Adjustable from 185-250 .68 caliber
  • Capacity: Adjustable from 485-625 .50 caliber
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