Exalt Vitamin G Grease Lube -1oz



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Modern paintball guns are more reliable and durable than ever, thanks in no small part to their ingenius designs. But those designs still contain moving parts and essential o-rings and seals that must be clean and lubricated in order to function properly! Exalt Vitamin G Grease is a synthetic paintball grease that is an ideal lube for paintball guns requiring grease instead of oil for lubrication. Low friction and able to be used in all weather, Exalt Vitamin G paintball gun lube helps prevent bolt stick and first shot dropoff and will help ensure o-rings stay lubricated for proper paintball gun function!
  • Designed for all climate use in grease lubricated guns, in-line & low pressure regulators
  • Synthetic long lasting formula prevents o-ring wear, swelling and deterioration
  • Provides the lowest coefficient of friction to reduce & eliminate bolt stick & first shot drop off (FSDO)
  • Needle nose cap reduces waste and contamination
  • 1 FL OZ
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